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The Land of Many Kings is an ongoing web serial. By “ongoing” I mean not only that it is currently being written, but also that it doesn’t have a destined endpoint. Arcs and individual story lines will come to a close, but the world keeps spinning.

Inspired in equal parts by my love of fantasy, soap operas, and modern/postmodern literary fiction, The Land of Many Kings is an inclusive fantasy serial that may take many forms. It will always chronicle events in the same consistent fictional world, but it may hop between ongoing plot lines (which themselves may be meaningfully connected, fairly tangential, or run totally parallel). And it might skip forward in time or back. It might be prose for one entry (okay: it will usually be prose), but it might flirt with poetry the next.

It is a story about kings, knights, sorcerers, dragons and star-crossed lovers, as all high fantasy is. But hopefully, it will occasionally also be a story about those ineffable feelings that make up so much of real life.

Content warning: violence and mature sexual content

Who is Overworld?

Just an author as inspired by Miyazaki as Middle-earth, as enamored with Final Fantasy as high fantasy. He dabbles in writing, making games, and generally getting by.